French powdered milk manufacturer Ingredia plans to up capacity at its plant in Saint-Pol in anticipation of an increase in demand after the end of EU milk quotas in 2015.

Specialising in the technology of milk cracking, drying and recombination, Ingredia has achieved strong growth in its nutritional health activities, notably through its hydrolysate of milk protein, Lactium, which is said to contain relaxing properties.

The company said Saint Pol plant’s annual capacity of 500m litres of milk will be increased to 700m litres. However, it declined to comment on the time-frame for the expansion and the specific markets it was targeting from the rise in production. Investment will include the construction of a 35 metre-high drying tower. It plans to spend EUR46m on the projects.

Ingredia posted a 2011 turnover of EUR412m, over 60% of which was generated abroad. It has subsidiaries in Singapore, Dubai, Canada and the US as well as a cross-shareholding agreement with Swiss firm Cremo and a licence agreement with Australia’s Tatura.