French insurance group AGF is offering adult subscribers to its top-up health policies three months free consumption of Danone’s anti-cholesterol yoghurt, Danacol.
The scheme, to be backed up by a TV ad campaign, is open to all policyholders who have signed contracts before 31 March 2006. The reimbursable amount per person could be as much as EUR92 (US$112.48) on the basis of two pots per day consumption.
Three months represents the duration of the dietary period recommended by France’s food safety agency (Afssaps) before anyone with a cholesterol condition should begin medication.       
France’s leading consumer association, UFC-Que Choisir, has already branded the scheme  “a scandalous marketing ploy” and is mulling legal action. In the past few days, the association has taken to court another French insurer MAAF, over a similar scheme launched late last year with Unilever.