Small Normandy-based firm Adial has developed a vending machine which cooks and distributes fresh pizzas in less than five minutes. They have called it “The Pizza Door.”
Once the pre-baked pizza (only the garniture is raw) has been selected, a robotic arm will go and fetch the boxed item from cold store. The bottom of the box is then pushed into an electric oven with the top off and the pizza is positioned on a raised plate for baking.

When cooking is completed, the pizza is lowered back into the box, the top closed and the whole package pushed through the machine’s dispensing door. If a problem arises, the operator is sent at text message.

Adial, who is selling the machine at EUR32,000 (US$34,700), claims the whole process from customers introducing their credit card to the “delivery” of the piping-hot pizza is four minutes.