In an attempt to woo customers back to its restaurants after a disastrous year, McDonald’s is opening up its kitchens to the French public as part of a massive charm offensive.

The fast food giant plans to open up over 400 restaurants across France for two weeks, starting this Sunday, and give consumers access to information on everything from McDonald’s meat suppliers to the preparation of a burger and the way the company’s PR agency has handled the crisis in public confidence over meat. McDonald’s suppliers have also been persuaded to open their doors to the public.

McDonald’s reputation has fallen in France after Jose Bove, a cheese-maker from south-west France, vandalised a branch of the chain last year.  He became a national hero overnight after his stand against McDonald’s began to symbolise for many the destruction of French traditions. The BSE crisis and foot and mouth disease has also hit the company hard in France.

“We think the best way to restore public confidence is to be completely open about the way we work,” said a McDonald’s spokeswoman.