The French cheese maker Bongrain has reported a static third quarter, with a year-on-year advance of just EUR8m (US$10m) on its year to date sales of EUR2.43bn, as of 30 September.

In part, these results reflect changes in the global structure of Bongrain, which has seen a reduction in the importance of cheese to its total sales mix. Bongrain cheese brands include: Elle et Vire; Bresse Bleu; Coeur de Lion; St Agur and Tartare.

The group sold off its stake in Slovak partner Wittman during the third quarter of 2005. In March this year, Bongrain also sold its Australian subsidiary Lactos to National Foods.

The revenue stream from Corman Miloko (Ireland), its joint venture with Glanbia, through its Belgian subsidiary Corman, only partially fills the gap. Meanwhile in France, sales of cheese during the third quarter have been slow, holding back sales volumes significantly. Sales of other dairy products have maintained steady progress, so Bongrain is doing better from the protein end of the dairy product spectrum than from fats.