Milk producers in France are targeting plants operated by the country’s biggest dairy groups as they protest at price cuts of more than 30% in the second quarter of the year.   

Dairy farmers continued their blockade of Danone plant at Ferrières-en-Bray, in Normandy, yesterday (14 May) after beginning their action on Tuesday. Tractors and a cattle truck blocked the entrance to the plant.  

On Wednesday, protesters had forcibly entered two dairy plants operated by Lactalis and Sodiaal at Domfront and Alençon, also in western France. The protestors occupied the directors’ offices while a cheese-making plant was reported blocked.

The milk producers federation, the FNPL, has called for a national day of protest next Tuesday. 

“These price cuts are totally unacceptable and the FNPL warns the dairy firms and the government that there is a risk of extreme action on the part of dairy producers,” the association said.