Sodiaal has placed Entremont Alliance’s speciality and AOC cheese operations into a separate company, the main change in a new organisational structure in the wake of the French dairy group’s acquisition of the cheese maker.

Sodiaal’s takeover of Entremont took effect on 3 January and the revamp will be officially presented in the next couple of weeks. 

The new company has been named Jura Gruyère and until now has been part of Entremont’s mainstream cheese-making division led by its flagship product, emmental.

“Sodiaal reckoned that Entremont’s speciality and AOC cheeses merited greater visibility and independence,” a spokesman for Sodiaal told just-food today.

Headquarted in Poligny, in the Jura region of eastern France, Jura Gruyère processes 25,000 tonnes of product annually, generating a turnover of  EUR165m.  

It will be one of three divisions, within Entremont, the others being mainstream cheese-making and Euro Serums, a company making powdered products and whey. “There are no real changes to announce with these two division, the existing structures are being maintained,” the spokesman said.

He added that that the three divisions combined represented an annual turnover of around EUR1.4bn.