A strike at one of CANDIA‘s plants in western France, ended yesterday following progress in negotiations with management.

The Le-Lude-based plant, which employs 190 staff, is set to close in 2014 as part of a restructuring programme.

The strike, which began on 9 January, had been called in protest to the terms and conditions of a company scheme relating to alternative employment provision for redundant workers.

“Negotiations on this scheme have moved forward and further meetings are scheduled to be held in the weeks ahead,” a Candia spokesman said.

“Given that the strike was prolonged at the Le Lude plant it is going to a take a few days before activity gets back to normal,” he added.

Staff striking at a second Candia plant in St Yorre, also set to close, have voted to return to work today. Industrial action had begun on 17 January.

Evidence that there is still some way to go before an agreement is reached with management, workers at both plants have called for a boycott of Candia products.

Another Candia plant, at Villefranche-sur-Saone, is also earmarked for closure.