Two bids have been submitted for Spanghero, the embattled French firm at the heart of the horsemeat scandal, food minister Guillaume Garot has confirmed.

Speaking today on TV station, BFM Business, Garot, said: “We [the Government] have done all in our power to ensure that in the end the offers presented save as many jobs as possible as well as preserving production facuilities in south-west France.”

One bid is an improved offer from a group of Spanghero’s workers, now supported by two firms – foie gras-to-ready meals maker Delpeyrat and meat processor Deveille.

The other is from founder Laurent Spanghero, who sold the business to its current owner, Lur Berri, in 2009.

The Carcassonne commercial court will convene on 2 July to consider the offers.

In April, a court ordered the liquidation of Spanghero but allowed it to continue trading for three months while a buyer was found.