French farming cooperative Triskalia has invested in a fund which promotes food industry start-ups.

The Breton business has contributed EUR1m (US$1.2m) to the EUR33m already invested in the West Web Valley Breton investment fund, which promotes start-ups that work in agriculture and agri-food. 

The cooperative – formed in 2010 by the coming together of CAM 56, Coopagri Bretagne and Eolys – is especially keen to explore how digital technology can change farming practices.

This could be in helping to get the best use out of land, targeting precisely where and when to plant things for the best results for the least effort, or in improving the working conditions of people by saving them time in completing tasks. 

Triskalia, based in Landerneau, has 16,000 member farmers, 4,800 employees and 280 commercial sites.

Based in Brest and created by Charles Cabillic, Sébastien Le Corfec and Ronan Le Moal, the West Web Valley is both a private start-up accelerator and a dedicated seed fund. 

Its objective is to create international start-ups and support the digital transformation of Breton companies. 

It will invest in 25 to 30 start-ups over the next five years, introducing them to the networks of major entrepreneurs, bringing them face to face with mentors and coaches and providing them with subsided access to services such as web design, accountancy and legal support.