France-based restaurant group Le Duff has acquired speciality pastry maker Lecoq Cuisine through its Bridor bakery subsidiary.

New York-headquartered Lecoq Cuisine was set up in 1991 by chef Eric Lecoq and supplies Viennese and French-style pastries to the foodservice channel. Its offering includes, amongst others, croissants, Danish pastries and brioches based on French recipes.

The out-of-home deal, for which terms were not disclosed, builds on the transaction Le Duff struck in January for Normandy-based Frial, acquiring the company from US-headquartered investment firm Ares Management. Frial, which supplies foodservice and retail, added to Le Duff’s position in frozen ready meals.

Lecoq Cuisine manufactures its pastries at a facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The company generates US$60m in revenue and employs 250 people. The business mainly serves the US market but also exports to Canada and the Caribbean.

Philippe Morin, the CEO of Bridor, said: “We could not be more pleased to be able to incorporate Lecoq Cuisine into the Bridor and Le Duff family. Eric Lecoq’s unparalleled commitment to excellence, coupled with the individual passion and craft that goes into every product, make us natural partners for each other.”

Le Duff is targeting revenues this year of EUR2.5bn (US$2.6bn). Set up in 1976, the business owns the restaurant chains Brioche Dorée, Del Arte, Fournil de Pierre and La Madeleine, all in the US, and Kamps in Germany. The company makes ready meals through its Cité Gourmande arm.

Mr Lecoq added: “Our intense focus on excellence and innovation is matched only by Le Duff’s reputation and track record for producing high-quality products.”