General Mills has revealed plans to launch a range of seven YOPLAIT yoghurts made from goat and sheep milk in the French market. 

The line, Yoplait C’est bon de varier, is set to arrive on French store shelves this month

Marc-Antoine Olive, marketing manager of General Mills France, said the launch brings “variety” to the yoghurt category. 

“We saw an opportunity, as yoghurt made with goat and sheep milk is both good for health and makes consumers discover new tastes. It also has been driving growth in the fresh dairy product market. Consumers are more and more interested in these products,” Olive observed. 

According to General Mills, the alternative dairy sector is a small but fast-growing section of the market. Citing Information Resources, General Mills said the French alternative dairy segment accounts for about 8% of the fresh dairy products sold. This segment includes products made with organic and soy ingredients as well as goat and sheep milk. Yoplait “could not ignore this growth”, Olive said.

Yoplait C’est bon de varier will use sheep milk in four varieties – plain, blueberry, cherry and fig. Goat milk will be used in three flavours – plain, blueberry and cherry.