Despite fierce denials, Germany had its own BSE cases as early as during the mid-1990s, claims food chemist Udo Pollmer. The cases, however, were hushed up until Germany had its first confirmed domestic case in November last year.

Speaking to Foodwire, Pollmer says he has first-hand experience of the cover up, having known about a number of cases, but kept quiet.

“The control machinery has been used to lie and cover up,” he says. “Of course, BSE cases have been known in Germany earlier. There was a case in Northern Germany where two veterinarians in 1993-94 were thrown out when they claimed that there was BSE there.”

Pollmer said that Germany will have to not only reform, but also replace huge parts of the current food inspection bureaucracy to avoid any future scandals. Pollmer’s BSE theory is that the disease stems from growth hormone treatment, where the hormones have been derived from dead animals. The British have also reported the hypothesis to the EU.

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