Keeping food cold and frozen from the store to the home has always been a problem for consumers. But a new thermally insulated grocery bag from Germany solves this problem.

Developed over ten years ago, the “Hot Cool Bags” keep food cold or hot up to three hours. They have become a favorite with the European consumer and they are now fast becoming a favorite with the American consumer.

Usually shoppers have to rush right home with their perishables to prevent defrosting and spoiling. Now the consumer can shop in confidence with the knowledge that their food will remain safe until they arrive home — and they even have time to make additional stops along the way.

The large size 20 x 20 inches, holds 30 pounds of food and is perfect for groceries. The Cool Bag, (Therm-A-Snap) size 15 x 12 inches, easily holds beverages and a snack and is ideal for work, school and recreation. It is constructed of an insulated coated aluminum that is bonded onto a polyethylene liner, which makes it very sturdy and re-usable. It doesn’t require any ice to keep the food cold and frozen, you just fill it up, snap it tight and go. It’s great for travel, picnics, outings, the beach and a perfect product for a public that is constantly on the go.

These bags are available in many supermarkets around the country or consumers may access information online at for more details.