German retailer REWE Group has set itself the target of reducing carbon emissions by 30% from their current level of 2.5m tonnes per year by 2015.

In its latest climate balance sheet, the company said that it has already cut carbon emissions per square metre of selling space from 320kg in 2006 to 224kg this year.

According to the company, 60% of Rewe’s total emissions are caused by electricity use. By increasing the energy efficiency of stores and switching to green electricity, “important steps” towards achieving the corporate climate goals have already been taken, the German retailer claimed.

In order to build on these cuts, the company will now focus attention on how to reduce emissions from refrigerating agents (15% of emissions), heat (12%), logistics (8%), paper consumption (3%) and business travels (2%).

“With our goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, we are the leaders in the European food trading when it comes to climate protection… No other company in Europe has such a comprehensive and transparent basis to build on. By this, we show that we take the protection of our climate very seriously. In our climate balance it is documented in detail what we want to achieve and when”, said Manfred Esser, Rwew Group management board member in charge of strategic purchasing.