On the occasion of the retirement of our long-standing director of trade (Handelsvorstand), Otto Kalmbach (64), the Supervisory Board of Rewe’s Cologne-based corporate organizations (Rewe-Zentral AG and Rewe-Zentralfinanz eG) has expanded and restructured the Rewe Board of Management within the framework of its executive management. Executive managers, Gisela Schmitt (49, Marketing, Food), Hans Schmitz (50, Large areas, Specialised Discount Stores, Non-food), Gerd Bruse (50, Business Management, Finance, Tourism) and Dr. E. Dieter Berninghaus (36, Foreign Business, E-Technology) were appointed to the Rewe Board of Management on July 1, 2001. Executive managers, Karl Adolf Fürbeth (52, Logistics, Organisation, Discounting, Information Processing), Horst Rompcik (63, Human Resources, Legal Affairs), Andreas Toth (61, Controlling) and Gert Ziegelmeier (59, Overall Product Range) continue to report to Rewe Board of Management Chairman Hans Reischl (61). Emil P. Heinz (62, Consumer Electronics) will, in the future, report to Mr. Schmitz, while Klaus Trück (57, Finance) reports to Mr. Bruse. Erwin Holzschuh (56, Auditing, Auditing Service) is attached to the Rewe executive management as Chairman of the Rewe Audit Association.

The new structure takes into account the ever stronger interlocking of Purchasing and Sales and the growing significance of the sectors Tourism and Foreign Business, in addition to the traditional business, Food. “With the expanded board, Rewe is facing up to the challenges of tomorrow’s European business landscape”, said Dr. Klaus Burghard, Chairman of Rewe’s Supervisory Board, after the appointment of the Board of Management on Monday (25.6.) in Bad Griesbach.

The Marketing division will from now on be anchored in the Rewe Board in the person of Gisela Schmitt. Ms. Schmitt joined Rewe Central in 1978. After working in the areas of advertising and marketing within Purchasing, she was appointed to develop and manage the Rewe group’s own brands. The group managers of the central purchasing department, Food, report to her.

Rewe’s central purchasing department, Nonfood, reports to the new board member Hans Schmitz, who continues to be responsible for the Large Areas and Specialised Discount Stores department. The business studies graduate already has board of management experience – as a 34-year old he was appointed to the board of Cornelius-Stüssgen-AG. Five years later he was a board member of Deutscher Supermarkt AG. Schmitz has been a member of Rewe’s executive management team in Cologne since 1994, where he bore primary responsibility for Controlling.

Gerd Bruse has represented the division Business Management as a member of Rewe’s executive management since 1999. The economics graduate spent many years working on the tourism advisory board, a business area he represents along with finance on the Rewe Board of Management. The trained banker joined Rewe in 1978, upon completion of his business management studies. For many years he was the group manager of the Accounting Control / Taxation department at Rewe Central.

Dr. E. Dieter Berninghaus was likewise appointed to Rewe executive management in 1999. The business studies graduate, who for many years worked for the Metro Group as an international business manager, is now also responsible for the division Foreign Business and E-Technology on the Rewe Board of Management.

Otto Kalmbach, who is retiring from Rewe at the end of the month, spent eleven years as a member of our Board of Management and was responsible for the Trade sector. He has been working with Rewe for almost 30 years. Kalmbach came to work for Willi-Leibbrand-KG in Bad Homburg in 1972. As a member of the business management, he was responsible for central purchasing activities at this subsidiary, which in 1974 became 50% and in 1989 wholly owned by Rewe Central. The trained wholesale administrator made a vital contribution towards shaping Rewe’s growth into a leading German and European grocery trader with total sales of DM 73.7 billion.