As the BSE scare intensifies in Germany, the first case of forged labelling on sausages in Schleswig-Holstein has been reported. An investigation into six sausage samples from businesses in Plön and Neumünster found that one of these products was being sold with false labelling, confirmed the Kiel-based Ministry of the Environment.

The packaging of the curry sausages from the Hansen-Fleischwaren meat processor showed that they contained beef, but red labels stuck onto the original label indicated that the beef had been replaced with pork. However, on closer inspection the sausages were found to contain beef.

It is not clear with the case resulted from an administration error or a deliberate attempt to sell banned meat. Claudia Viße, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Environment, said that a thorough investigation would be instigated and the products involved removed from the shelves. Other products from the same company were given the all-clear.