Following an upturn in demand for frozen fruits, UK fruit ingredients specialist J.O. Sims has announced the appointment of a new German principal, Dinter Trading.

Dinter Trading, an international supplier of frozen fruits from Eastern Europe, will provide J.O. Sims exclusively in the UK with a range of berry fruits including raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cherries.

Based in Munich, Dinter Trading has a number of freezing plants and offices in Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Serbia.

“With the recovery of the fruit preparations sector in the last few years, there is now huge interest in using frozen fruits for high fruit definition in premium products such as jams and preserves. Our agreement with Dinter will allow us the breadth of range to meet this demand, and ensure ongoing development of new fruit ingredients for this sector,” said Lee Doleman, general manager of J.O Sims’ ingredients division.