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UK confectionery giant Cadbury is to begin selling its Dairy Milk bar as Fairtrade in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Cadbury said today (25 August) that its Dairy Milk bars on sale in Canada will display the Fairtrade mark by next summer.

With an estimated 22 million bars sold annually, it is expected to double the amount of Fairtrade certified chocolate sold in Canada, Cadbury said.

“The certification of Cadbury Dairy Milk will improve the lives and communities of over 40,000 cocoa farmers and 6,000 sugar farmers, ensuring a guaranteed income, viable growth and hope for a prosperous future,” said Rob Clarke, executive director of TransFair Canada, the national Fairtrade certification body.

Gary Scullion, general manager for Cadbury’s Canadian business, said the country’s consumers could be a “catalyst for change”.

“We are deeply proud to make Fairtrade certified chocolate accessible right across Canada by working together with TransFair Canada to achieve certification for our biggest global brand and one of Canada’s leading chocolate bars,” Scullion said.

Cadbury also plans to roll out Fairtrade Dairy Milk in Australia and New Zealand. The moves follow last month’s official launch of the line in the UK.