The Safe and Accurate Food Labelling Act, which would require the voluntary nationwide labelling of GMOs in the US, has passed the House Committee on Agriculture.

The passage of the Act brings it a step closer to enactment. The Act is seen by the food industry as a means to fend off more stringent regulations on GMOs that are being considered on a state-by-state basis. States such as Vermont have introduced mandatory labelling regulations.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, one of the strongest lobbyists against mandatory labelling of GMOs, welcomed the news.

"Today’s House Agriculture Committee vote is further evidence of the growing support and momentum in Congress for this bill, and we urge the full House to pass it before the August recess," said Pamela Bailey, GMA president and CEO. "This critically important bipartisan legislation will ensure that Americans have accurate, consistent information about their food rather than a 50 state patchwork of labelling laws that will only prove costly and confusing for consumers, farmers and food manufacturers."