The scandal of horsemeat being passed off as beef has spread in France from frozen to tinned dishes.

Panzani, part of Spanish group Ebro Puleva, has announced that following tests, horsemeat has been detected in its tinned beef ravioli sold in France. It is produced by William Saurin, part of the French food holding company Financière Turenne Lafayette.

Stocks have been removed from retail outlets.

William Saurin “has been the victim of deceit on the part of one its suppliers”, Panzani said, adding that it would now only be using beef of “exclusively French origin” in its products.

Other Panzani dishes using minced beef were found not to contain horsemeat.

The beef was not supplied by Spanghero, the French firm at the centre of the scandal.

Earlier this week, French Consumer Affairs minister, Benoît Hamon, revealed that beef samples had been taken from unidentified supply sources other
than Spanghero within the framework of an ongoing investigation into the horsemeat scandal.