The Iceland-based food group SIF Ltd has changed its name to Alfesca and introduced a new logo.

The change of name is designed to reflect the broadening of the company’s activities from seafood into other food categories.

“In the middle of 2004 we took the strategic decision to put our main efforts into the production and sale of value-added products in Europe and to shed the company´s traditional activities in the sale and marketing of seafood,” said Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO-President of Alfesca.

In addition to smoked salmon, Alfesca markets duck and goose products, including foie gras, chilled shellfish, blini and various snacks and spreads, under brand names such as Lyons, Farne, Labeyrie, Blini, Delpierre and Skandia. The company, which has an annual turnover in the region of EUR600m (US$718m), also has a substantial presence in the supermarket own-label sector.

Employing a total of 1,500 people, Alfesca operates 12 production plants in France, Britain and Spain, its prime markets.