Four pizza factories are due to be opened across India by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), and the company revealed that within a year it aims to sell at least 300,000 pizzas a day.

GCMMF managing director B M Vyas told the Business Standard: “The pizzas will be sold under the Utterly Delicious brand name”. They will be sold in frozen form and the company expects to maximise its current logistical operations by transporting the pizzas using its cold chain together with its dairy ranges.

They will also hit the market at a cheaper price than the pizzas of established players Dominos, Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner or Nirula’s and they will be sold through local stores.

Vyas explained: “Our initial idea was to promote our cheese. But it struck us later that we can make immense business if we can make and sell pizzas as well. The current business model -– selling Amul pizzas through the local stores – will help us promote our cheese since the customer will also learn how to make pizzas at home. Demand for cheese is bound to grow.”

A factory for the production of pizzas has already been constructed in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, adjacent to the firm’s ice-cream manufacturing unit. Vyas added: “We intend to sell at least 300,000 pizzas a day one year from now. To be able to meet such demand, we will have to increase our capacity. We are planning to set up three more pizza factories, one each in the eastern, southern and northern parts of the country.”

GCMMF is also expected to extend its Amul brand next month with a chocolate flavoured milk product designed to compete directly with Britannia Industries’ Milkman product. Vyas revealed that the flavoured milk will be available in 100ml and 200ml tetra-packs cartons.