Heinz India is set to enter the breakfast cereal market with Complain Nutria Bowl Muesli, a product to be launched in a phased manner starting within southern markets.

“We are all set to leverage the strength of Complan today. There would be new categories and even within the existing categories there would be more products under Complan,” said Heinz India general manager Sundip Shah.

Complan brand cream-filled biscuits are available in the Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra markets at present and the company will market the new cereals through the same channels.

“We estimate the breakfast cereal market is around INR2bn (US$50m) and growing at the rate of 30%,” said Shah.

Complan provides 50% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins C, D and E and 25% of the RDA of vitamin A. It is also a “rich source” of the essential minerals calcium and iron, Shah added. 

“It is just perfect for busy lifestyles of all ages,” he suggested.