Kraft Foods has remained tight lipped over reports it is looking to launch its Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone in India.

The US food giant is reportedly planning to price Toblerone “competitively”, market it “aggressively” and sell it “more widely” than third-party importers presently do in India, a senior company official told the Times of India.

The brand will be in direct competition with Ferrero Rocher in the Indian premium chocolate market. Ferrero set up its Indian subsidiary four years ago and has put Kraft‘s local premium chocolate brands like Celebrations, Bournville and Dairy Milk Silk under pressure, the publication noted.

A spokesperson for Kraft declined to comment directly on the report and said: “We continuously evaluate opportunities available to us and will bring products to market as and when appropriate.”

According to the Times of India, Kraft plans to launch several pack sizes of Toblerone in India at a price range of INR50 (US$0.90) to INR400.