Kraft Foods has filed a lawsuit against India’s leading biscuit manufacturer Britannia Industries over an alleged infringement of the copyright on its Oreo biscuit brand.

Kraft confirmed today (5 January) that it has filed a suit in the Delhi High Court, seeking an injunction and damages for “infringement of trademark and copyright, passing off and unfair competition” of its Oreo brand of cookies.

It is understood that Britannia’s recently launched ‘Treat-O’ biscuit is similar to Kraft’s cream-filled sandwich cookies.

“Kraft Foods views a violation of its intellectual property rights seriously in every market within which it operates,” the firm said. “As part of its commitment to consumers in India, Kraft Foods has taken this necessary legal step to protect this iconic brand.”

The US food giant, meanwhile, has been hit with a lawsuit in India that alleges it avoiding paying tax in the country on its takeover of UK confectioner Cadbury. Kraft has rejected the allegations.