The Daawat Gold Enriched Basmati Rice, with an extra 15% vitamin B1 (thiamine), is set to be launched onto the domestic and foreign markets by Indian food company L.T. Overseas.

In a statement, the company revealed that it developed the process for manufacturing the enriched rice through an initiative with scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology, in Kharagpur. After the rice is polished it is physically imbibed with thiamine.

The vitamin B1 is an important part of a healthy diet, necessary to enable the body to release energy from carbohydrates. Thiamine deficiency is has been attributed with causing loss of appetite, certain kinds of neuritis and occasionally the disease beriberi, which attacks the heart, brain and nervous system.

The company, famous for its Daawat brand of Basmati, has ploughed Rs250m into the establishment of a new processing plant in Haryana, which has been set up to manufacture the enriched rice.