The UK Food Standards Agency has provided no documentary evidence that Indian exporters were involved in the import of chilli powder contaminated with the banned dye Sudan 1, according to an Indian government minister, reported in the Financial Express newspaper.

A preliminary investigation conducted by the Spices Board on chilli powder exports has indicated that the export consignment believed to have been contaminated with dye was imported into the UK in 2002.

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha, India’s lower house of parliament, on Tuesday minister of state for commerce and industry EVKS Elangovan said that the reported presence of Sudan dye in many of the rapid alert reports issued by countries in the EU was too low to be suggestive of deliberate adulteration. To that extent, some of the rapid alerts can be disputed.

Exports of chillis and chilli products from India have not been affected as there has been a substantial increase in the exports of chilli.