Frito Lay India, the Indian snack unit of PepsiCo, has expanded its product line-up with the introduction of the new Aliva brand of “healthy” snacks.

“[Aliva] is in the cracker category and is certainly part of the broader strategy of Frito-Lay to expand its product portfolio,” a spokesperson for PepsiCo told just-food.

The snack provides “authentic” Indian flavours  – special bindi masala, tomato & roasted spices, mint flavour with herbs, and original salted – and is made from wheat, pulses and lentils.

“Aliva is a significant step in the company’s journey of portfolio transformation towards providing healthier and tasty snacking options in line with the local consumers’ needs,” PepsiCo said.

The brand was developed specifically to appeal to Indian consumers and is positioned in the ‘healthier’ snack category, with no artificial flavours, colours or trans fats. 

Announcing the launch, Frito-Lay India said that it has drawn an “intensive consumer activation campaign” to market Aliva. The 360-degree marketing plan will revolve around the product core – “Chatpate crackers with Wheat & Daal” – the company added.