Pune-based Tasty Bite Eatables (TBE) is hoping to capitalise on what it sees as a new surge of food experimentation among US consumers. “Indian food is experiencing a boom in the US,” said Ravi Nigam, president of TBE, and with its traditional Indian cuisine and strong ethnic roots, the company stands in good stead to ride the wave.

Nigam revealed that TBE would be launching a new product every two months to complement its existing range of nine items, some of which will be designed exclusively for the US market. Currently marketed in eight cities, the brand would also be extended to 32 cities, and it is estimated to pull in revenue of Rs 10 crore, up Rs 3.5 crore on last year’s results.

TBE is already a leading Indian foods brand in the natural foods segment, having improved its market share with a buyout by Preferred Brands in Connecticut, which is currently worth US$15bn in the US.