Environmental pressure group Greenpeace has accused US manufacturers of double standards after genetically modified ingredients were found in two food products imported into India.

In India, severe restrictions already exist on the import, sale and use of GE products without the approval of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC). Nevertheless, independent tests carried out by Hong Kong DNA Chips on six consumer products have shown that Monsanto‘s GE Roundup Ready corn is present both in Abbott Laboratories’ Isomil baby food and Procter and Gamble‘s Pringles potato chips.

At a press conference, Michelle Chawla, GE campaigner for Greenpeace, demanded the withdrawal of the products and revealed the group is set to launch a campaign on the issue.

GE crops pose unwanted problems in the fact that they stimulate the production of toxic or allergenic proteins and can also contaminate the soil and other crops, explained Chawla.