PT Makro Indonesia has revealed plans to open six more outlets in Indonesia within the next two years, a move which will considerably strengthen its wholesaling network in the country.

At a media briefing, president of the company Simon Collins said: “We will open our store in Semarang next month, while our second store in Surabaya will be opened in June. By the end of this year, we will open another store somewhere in Jakarta. We hope we will be able to open two or three stores a year in prospective cities such as Makassar, Yogyakarta, Bogor.”

In light of the country’s unstable political and economic situation, Collins admitted: “We are under pressure now.”

“But, we do believe the country’s economy will be better soon,” he added.

A subsidiary of Dutch retail chain operator SHV Holdings, Makro entered the Indonesian market in 1992 and it hopes to post sales growth of 25% this year, up from 20% last year. The store can expect growth because it does not compete with retailers, selling 85% of its products to retailers and corporate buyers wholesale.