According to reports, an Irish woman discovered a metal bolt in a ‘healthy option’ Tesco lasagne, but the company says it is unable to act until the woman comes forward.

Ita Hogan from Douglas in Cork, told the Irish Daily Mirror that she broke her false teeth when she bit down on a piece of metal. “My husband was gob smacked when he saw what was in the meal. It was like a little bolt. Maybe half an inch long with a hole in the centre. It looked like it could have been attached to a machine of some sort,” she said.

However, Hogan has not, as yet, lodged a complaint with the supermarket chain. A spokesperson for Tesco told just-food: “Until she contacts customer services there is very little we can do.”

There has been a spate of similar complaints lately, with recent reports that mice were found in an Asda ready meal and a can of Campbell’s soup.