Brazil aims to boost its worldwide confectionery sales to become the second-largest confectionery producing country globally over the next two years.

Speaking at this year’s Ism conference in Cologne, Solange Isidoro, vice president of the Brazilian Association of Cacao, Chocolates, Candies and Byproducts Industry, said that the sector is poised to benefit from the international attention focused on Brazil, which is preparing to host the FIFA World Cup.

“We are the third largest producer in the world. We export to 140 countries. We have facilities that many countries are not to have – we produce sugar, we produce a great deal of raw materials. So we are aiming to be the second largest [confectionery] industry [worldwide] in 2016,” Isidoro commented.

Isidoro said that Brazilian confectioners have leveraged the distinct range of flavours available in the country to develop a unique identity.

Brazil presents products with tropical flavours – like cupuaçu, typical rainforest fruit related to cocoa, and graviola (soursop) – that reflect the unique characteristics of Brazilian culture, she suggested. “Our confectionery industry… we have unique flavours and unique packaging.”