Supermarket chain Clubmarket is going to start an advertising campaign and a series of special offers in a bid to improve its image, trustees, Shlomo Nass and Gabi Trabelsi have decided, according to a report in Haaretz.

Nass and Trabelsi met on Friday with members of Clubmarket’s trade department and the heads of the Adler-Homsky and Warshavsky advertising company, which handles the chain’s account, to begin formulating a new marketing plan the paper said.

The Clubmarket trustees asked the members of the chain’s trade department to submit by the beginning of this week a comprehensive special-offer campaign – now that some 80% of the shelves at the chain’s stores have been restocked with merchandise. The advertising executives were asked to submit an advertising plan that includes a solution to the question of how to market and promote the chain’s subsidiaries and to come up with “advertising that will cause shoppers to return to the stores.”

The advertising agency is likely to embark on an immediate move to remedy the bad impression created by the collapse of the chain. The campaign will try to convey the impression that Clubmarket and its subsidiaries – Hazi Kupa, Imperia and Jumbo – are back in business. The campaign is expected to rely initially on newspaper advertisements, but the chain is also weighing the option of going back to television commercials, too.

A spokeswoman for the Clubmarket trustees has confirmed that the chain will be embarking on a number of marketing moves in the coming days.

The Adler-Homsky and Warshavsky advertising firm is one of the Clubmarket suppliers that was hurt by the chain’s collapse. The chain has a 1.5m Israel new shekels ($330,000) debt to the advertising company. Following a commitment by the trustees that Adler-Homsky and Warshavsky will be paid for its services, the firm has agreed to continue to work on the chain’s account.