Israeli food exports rose 17% to US$292m during the first six months of 2004, while domestic sales rose by 2.2%, according to the Food Division of the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

A breakdown by category shows that exports of meat and poultry rose by 21% to US$24m. Baked product exports rose 75% to US$11m, and matza exports were up 9% to US$6m. Exports of prepared foods quadrupled to US$17m, and exports of tomato products rose 12.7% to US$6m.

A breakdown by country shows that food exports to the USA rose by 18%, by 10% to the EU, by 30% to Romania and by 53% to Russia.

Food imports were up by 17% to US$491m during the period year-on-year. Imports from the EU were up 13%, from the USA by 29% and from Turkey by 45%.