The total export of food products from Israel in 2005 amounted to US$656.4m, a 10% increase compared to 2004. The largest gains were seen in the dairy sector, with exports increasing 84% to $25.2m, while chocolate totaled $11.7m, up 34.5% against last year, according to Roni Kobrovsky, head of the Food Division at the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

The rise stems from growing demand for special products and focused sales promotions, Kobrivsky, president of the Central Bottling Company (Coca-Cola Israel), said.

In terms of market targets, in 2005 Israel exported food products worth $297.6m to the EU, an increase of 1%. The most significant volume rise in the EU was to Belgium, with an increase of 41%, followed by Holland (30%), France (13%) and the UK (8.5%). Exports to the US totaled $84m, an increase of 26%.