Following G. Willi-Food’s attendance of SIAL, the Paris-based international food industry event, the Israeli manufacturer and supplier of kosher foods has decided to expand its product offering in partnership with various international food producers.
Zwi Williger, president and COO of Willi-Food, commented: “We pride ourselves on delivering highly innovative and desirable products to the marketplace. Willi-Food’s superior development technology and established partnerships enable us to rapidly capitalise on exciting trends in the industry and continue to drive revenue and earnings growth.”

The company has decided to focus on expanding its dairy and confectionery offerings. Among the new products in development are various cheese alternatives, including types of Gouda, Parmesan, Cheddar and Mozzarella, which Willi-Food will source from a supplier in Greece. The company is also working on long shelf-life yogurts from a Dutch supplier. Meanwhile, Willi-Food has developed a new range of candies and is currently working on a new line of sugar free sweets.

Throughout November and December Willi-Food is introducing a new product called Fetina into the retail market in Israel. Fetina is a kosher version of Feta Chese, which is available in regular and 9% fat varieties.