Israel food importer G. Willi-Food posted a 28.1% net income increase for the second quarter due to the introduction of new products and the effects of a marketing campaign launched in the first quarter.

During the second quarter, ended 30 June, net income reached NIS6.8m (US$1.8m).

The kosher food company said sales reached NIS82.6m, a 13.4% increase against the same quarter of 2009.

Operating profit increased 32% to reach NIS6.8m (US$5.8m).

G. Willi-Food president and COO Zwi Williger said: “Revenue from the new products introduced in the past six month continues to maintain good momentum. We are committed to the continued development of new, innovative, high-margin food products with careful attention to meeting the special needs and health concerns of our customers.”

He added that for the remainder of 2010 the company will continue its efforts to reach into targeted retail and wholesale markets in the US as well as strengthening its market position by focusing on a multi-channel approach and more health-conscious products.