The Citrus Marketing Board of Israel (CMBI) “will consider favourably China’s request to use Israel’s prestigious citrus brand name JAFFA,” according to Mena Davidson, general manager of CMBI.

Davidson said that the proposal was made last week, during a visit to Israel of a high-ranking Chinese agricultural delegation, who arrived as guests of the CMBI.

The proposal by the Chinese to use the JAFFA brand name pertains to citrus to be grown in China for domestic consumption and for exportation to several countries in the Far East and to former Soviet republics that border with China. The Chinese experts examined several citrus varieties that are suitable to be acclimated in China, selected from the many varieties bred and developed by CMBI experts.

Davidson said that permission for China to use the JAFFA name “is conditioned on payment of royalties, on quality standards that characterise several registered Israeli citrus varieties,” and that JAFFA branded citrus grown in China will not compete with Israeli citrus “on any market, at any time”. He added that there are large segments in China’s population that can afford to pay a premium price for high quality fruit, including citrus bearing the JAFFA brand name.

The CMBI is keen on expanding the licensing of the JAFFA brand name to other countries throughout the world, on the same conditions. 

By Aaron Priel, correspondent