The Schestowitz Group in Israel, importers and marketers of a wide range of consumer products, has entered the food import business after signing an agreement with Trinity Alimentaria Italia, which gives the Israeli group exclusive rights to import and market in Israel the Italian company’s Rio Mare Tuna conserves. Trinity Alimentaria is the world’s second largest tuna processing company.

The tuna fish conserve market in Israel is estimated at US$60m per year. The Rio Mare tuna differs from other tuna conserves in that it is processed to contain in the final package olive oil, instead of ordinary vegetable oil or water. The Israeli importer is investing US$600,000 for advertising and sales promotion with the aim to establish the Italian tuna as a premium product, costing roughly 40% more than other brands.

According to information released by the importers at a press conference in Tel Aviv, Rio Mare Tuna is the leading brand in Europe, especially holding a large share on the market in the Mediterranean Basin countries.

By Aaron Priel, correspondent