Nutrition company LycoRed has introduced an all-natural lutein product called Lyc-O-Lutein as part of its natural carotenoid portfolio that also includes its flagship brand Lyc-O-Mato. 

The Lyc-O-Lutein line includes oil suspensions for soft-gel formulations and numerous beadlet formulations for tablets and hard-shell capsules, all designed for the dietary supplement industry.   

“We developed new lutein formulations that answer the manufacturer’s demand for high quality lutein with excellent stability,” said Udi Alroy, marketing director for LycoRed. 

“Supported by our excellent reputation and our solid patent, we aim to penetrate the market via key supplement manufacturers and retailers. The LycoRed patent does not infringe on existing intellectual property in the market place. Using LycoRed’s proprietary vegetarian beadlet technology, we have succeeded in overcoming the biggest obstacle to developing a highly stable lutein.” 
The 20% lutein beadlets contain 200-400% more active ingredient in comparison to 5% lutein products currently available on the market, the company said. 
Pharmachem Laboratories will market the lutein beadlets and oil suspensions in the US, continuing a long-standing relationship with LycoRed.