Israeli poultry processor Miluof, part of the Miluot Group, has received the approval of the USDA’s veterinary service.

According to the company, quite a number of poultry processing plants applied for the quality tag, but Miluof was one of the few plants to meet the safe food and quality requirements set by the USDA standard.

The USDA approval pertains to the plant’s physical situation, work conditions, hygiene, maintenance, management procedures and adherence to the prescribed quality and safe food requirements. The company’s CEO Max Cohen noted that the approval provides his company with an opportunity to expand its marketing in the USA and Europe.

Miluof processes 50,000 tonnes of poultry products per year, generating sales of NIS380m (US$82.60m). It is considered the country’s largest integrated chicken and turkey processor, which includes growing the chickens in hundreds of farms throughout the country, to the final processing of a wide variety of poultry products.