Israel’s Of-Tov poultry processing company, a member of the Tivall-Osem/Nestlé group, will double its export volume in 2001 compared with last year.

The company plans to export US$12m poultry meat products this year, mainly to Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, Greece and the USA. Of-Tov general manager Motti Goldberg told the Maariv newspaper that the export boost stemmed from the increase in European demand for poultry as a result of the mad cow disease epidemic, “and in view of entering new markets, especially in Switzerland and the USA; the entry of the UK’s Tesco chain and Switzerland’s Co-Op supermarkets.”

Goldberg added that Of-Tov developed new products based on the specifications of their new clients. It is estimated that Of-Tov’s sales returns in 2001 will amount to US$119m, making it Israel’s largest processor of poultry meat products.

By Aaron Priel, correspondent