Roldin, an Israeli manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of baked products, plans to open branches in Western Europe and in the USA. The move is based on a business suggestion to Roldin by foreign entrepreneurs to establish its outlets in Europe and the USA.

Roldin, currently Israel’s largest manufacturer of baked products, employs 200 workers and has recently established a new plant in the Sharon Valley at an investment of US$3.5m. According to a report in Yediot Ahronot, Roldin produces 300 different products, including breads, cakes, cookies and special products. The report notes that Roldin expects to expand to 20 branches throughout Israel, some of them to be operated on franchise basis.

The strategy of Roldin is based on the notion that the market for ethnic and special baked products in the USA “is not as developed and diversified as it is in Israel, in view of the different cultural background of Israel’s population.” Koby Hakak, co-owner of Roldin, said in the report that “now is the time to enter the market in the USA with new products. Following the coffee ‘revolution’ in America, the trend is to move to special quality breads, to replace the white-flour standard bread gains momentum.”

By Aaron Priel, correspondent