Super-Sol, Israel’s largest grocer, is changing its structure and marketing strategy by creating one name for the chain’s subsidiaries.

The move is implemented as part of Super-Sol’s far-reaching changes, and will include the amalgamation of its six subsidiaries under one name. “There are financial and marketing advantages of creating one name for the entire chain and unifying all the current brands sold in the chain’s different outlets,” according to a report in Maariv.

The Super-Sol concern controls the Super-Sol, Cosmos, Universe Club, Hyperneto, Food Warehouse and the super-religious oriented chain Birkat Rachel. The report notes that one of the names considered is “Neto”, while possibly retaining Universe Club and Birkat Rachel names unchanged. A similar move was implemented a few years ago by Blue-Square Supermarket chain.

The move by Super-Sol is just one step in a comprehensive structural changes proposed by McKinsey Consulting firm.