In a surprise move, Super-Sol’s managing director Ami Sagis resigned from his post and was appointed managing director of a major business concern owned by a firm that also has a controlling share in Club Market, one of Super-Sol’s main competitors in the Israeli food market.

According to press reports, Sagis’ move was termed by trade sources as a “double surprise,” because half a year ago he signed a contract renewing his position as Super-Sol managing director for the next 4 years, for which he was slated to receive a hefty bonus.

The Yediot Ahronot daily notes that the recent contract agreement was “tailored” to prevent Sagis’ departure from his job as manager of the country’s largest supermarket chain. The report notes that the anti-trust regulator has launched an investigation into the supermarket chains on the suspicion that they violated the anti-cartel regulation, “and should the chains be sued, the charges will list the managers of the chains, including Ami Sagis, among the defendants.”