Elite’s food sales jumped in September, and the company leaped forward in the Israeli food suppliers’ “Top Ten” list, taking the second place after Tnuva Dairy, according to sales results in hundreds of groceries and supermarkets associated in Store Alliance Israel (www.s-a.co.il).

According to the sales data of the bar-coded private retail market, in the weeks before Rosh Ha’shana and the Jewish holiday season, Elite sales overtook both its main rival, Ossem, which came in second in August, and Strauss, which was third the month before.

An impressive change for the better was accomplished by Carmel Mizrahy winery (from 31st place in August to 21st in September), and Leiman Schlussel, which imports Ferrero-Rocher chocolates to Israel and enjoyed increased sales of candy boxes (from 26th place to 22nd in September).

The Jewish holiday season marks also the end of summer. The changing seasons are reflected in the Store Alliance supplier ratings in lower ratings for ice cream manufacturers. Strauss Ice Creams went from 17th place in August to 19th in September, and Nestle-Motta went from 36th to 42nd.

The Israeli food suppliers rating is based on sales data reported by 400 groceries and independent supermarkets (which do not belong to any of the big chains), which are members of the Israeli Store Alliance (www.s-a.co.il).

These are Israel’s top ten food suppliers for September 2000 (change from August):

  1. Tnuva Dairy (-)
  2. Elite (+2)
  3. Ossem (-1)
  4. Strauss (-1)
  5. Tami (-)
  6. Coca Cola
  7. Tnuva Non-Dairy
  8. Hogla-Kimberley
  9. Frosteev (+1)
  10. Zoglowek (-1)

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