Israel’s Tivall frozen food company is launching a series of vegetable pastries, using patented dough consisting 50% of vegetables.

Tivall invented the dough at its labs and registered it as a patent in Israel and internationally. Development of the veggie dough took more than two years at a cost of approximately NIS6m (US$1.30m), according to the company and as reported in Haaretz.

Tivall CEO Omri Lotan said the vegetable dough can increase Tivall sales by 50% in the years to come.

Tivall is a subsidiary of Osem-Nestlé Israel, and is considered the major growth factor of Osem-Nestlé on foreign markets. At present, annual sales of the meat analogue manufacturer amount to NIS470m, of which 55% is generated from sales on foreign markets, especially in western Europe.

The report notes that Tivall has a comprehensive plan for pastries based on vegetable dough, noting that the main advantage of the new products is less flour and fats than in regular pastries. The company hopes to leverage its reputation for producing healthy foods to capture consumers with a taste for dough and pastries, but who want to eat healthy foods.

“Tivall’s technological abilities have united, for the first time, the world of dough with the world of vegetables, to create a dough that is half vegetable,” Lotan commented, adding that the new product will have a relatively low calorie count.