Tivall, Israel’s leading manufacturer and exporter of meat analogues, is negotiating with several US companies to establishing a strategic partnership, as part of Tivall new strategy to intensify its sales on the American market. Tivall, a member of the Osem Group of companies, plans to capture 10% of the meat analogue market in the US, which is estimated to reach US$1.5bn in sales in 2003. Omri Lotan, Tivall general manager, was quoted in Maariv saying that the company’s entry to the US market with a reputable partner “complements our expanded production capacity. Tivall now exports 60% of its production volume to Europe.”

While searching for a strategic partner in the USA, Tivall is negotiating with several US supermarket chains to market the Israeli meat analogues brand, which is well recognised in the UK, Holland, Germany, and Switzerland. It was reported that Tivall reached an agreement to supply Wal-Mart stores in Germany with a wide range of its vegetarian products, “a move which might promote Tivall’s entry to Wal-Mart stores in the USA.”

Tivall’s, with sales revenues amounting to US$50m in 1999, announced its plans to produce organic food products for export mainly to Europe.